Princess Scavenger Hunt

Have a Princess scavenger hunt party with riddle clues

Princess Scavenger Hunt PartyGet the Princess to the Ball on Time

It is not always easy coming up with ideas for your daughters next birthday party. With Riddle Me you can turn your party into a fun and exciting treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. It doesn’t matter how old you are, this program can help you turn that dull party into something new and interesting.

For instance, if you have a party coming up for your daughter for a bunch of her little girl friends, you might want to have a princess theme and do something like this “Get the Princess to the Ball On Time” treasure hunt. Riddle Me can help you set up the clues for the adventure.

One way of course to get the princess to the ball on time of course is to make sure that she has everything she needs to wear to the ball. So, you can go out and perhaps find a used party dress from the thrift store, maybe some sparkling shoes, headband or crown and make sure you get some costume jewelry as well.

Then you can strategically hide the clues from your Riddle Me hunt all around the house with each item from the set of clothing you’ve got for the activity setting the stage for your princess scavenger hunt. With each piece of the princess’s costume the girls will know that they will be getting closer to the final stage of the game. Once they are all collected, your “princess” can dress in preparation for the ball.

The ball could be an activity at your home or somewhere else. If it’s at your home, you can have a princess parade set to appropriate Disney princess music.

If you want to go somewhere like a favorite pizza place or other amusement location, you could decorate your car like a coach and lead the girls to the vehicle to get to the ball (or just label it “PRINCESS’ COACH”).

You can make the trip an unexpected surprise for them as well and during the trip over in the princess’s carriage all the girls can try to figure out where they might be going and as parents you need to be the keepers of the treasures secret until you arrive. The kids will be thrilled at such an exciting end to a fun princess scavenger hunt using Riddle Me.

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