Creating Superhero Capes for kids’ birthday party

Ever since the dawn of comic books and video games, little boys (and girls) have loved to dress up as their favorite superhero and pretend to save the world. Let your child’s inner hero or heroine come out in “flying” colors this year with homemade superhero capes for their birthday party!

It’s the perfect way to finish off a superhero scavenger hunt where your little Supermen and Batgirls can use all the materials they’ve collected during the hunt to make their very own cape to take home. Just put materials to make the capes at each clue location and tell your players that [insert monster of choice] is destroying [city/town of choice] and it’s up to them to save the day! Here’s how to do it!

Step 1: Gather all the materials you will need for the capes. You will need: 24 x 30 piece of felt in whatever color you choose (for example, black for Batman and red for Superman); smaller squares of felt for the superhero logos, scissors, fabric glue, a marker, measuring tape, Velcro self-sticking dots and superhero logo patterns (you can find and print these easily from the internet).

How to make Superhero Capes

Step 2: Lay out the piece of fabric flat on a table and fold it in half with the folded side to the left.


Step 3: Using a measuring tape, measure in 8-10” (use a smaller measurement for younger children and slightly larger measurement for older children) from the fold along the top of the fabric and make a dot with the marker. Then measure in 12-15” (again depending on the size of the child who will be wearing the cape) from the fold along the bottom of the fabric and draw a dot. Then connect the two dots with a straight line for you to cut along (if you are drawing on black fabric, use a gold or silver metallic marker so it is easier to see).

Superhero Capes

Step 4: Cut along the line and open the fabric back up. You should now have the shape of a cape. Stick one of the Velcro dots to the upper left-hand corner and press hard until it seals. Then, flip the fabric over and press the other half of the Velcro dot to the right-hand corner.

Superhero Capes

Step 5: Using a pattern printed out from the internet, trace the superhero logo of your choice onto a smaller square of felt in the designated color. Holding the pattern with the felt overtop of it against a backlit window makes the tracing process quicker and easier.

Superhero Capes

If there are two layers to the logo (like in the Batman logo), cut the background layer out first and then use the paper stencil to cut out the second layer.

Superhero Capes

Step 6: Using fabric glue, attach the logo (if there are multiple layers to the logo, glue them together first) to the cape and press firmly until it adheres.

Superhero CapesSuperhero Capes

Step 7: Put the capes on party-goers using the Velcro closure and let the world saving begin!

Superhero capes

Some potential world saving activities include feats of skill and strength like lifting giant boxes and stacking them across the yard in a race against time. Boxes could be labeled TNT or EXPLOSIVE and children need to move them away from the city.

Or make up your own fun activities. Superhero capes for kids’ give them superpowers and abilities. Just don’t encourage flying off the top of your swingset unless they are secured properly to a zip line. :)

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Headband Activity for Kids

pipecleaner headbandKids love wearable crafts, and this easy-to-make headband example is perfect for a classroom, party, or Riddle Me treasure hunt. Parents enjoy the low-cost and easy cleanup, while kids love this entertaining craft activity that turns into something they can wear and then take home at the end of the party. The headband activity requires minimal supplies and can be assembled in a variety of ways.

Supplies Needed

Depending on the style of headband the kids decide to make, it can take as many as 15-20 pipe cleaners, joined together, to encircle a child’s head. Purchase plenty, so there is no lack of creativity and experimentation to create the perfect headband.

  • Craft-Style Pipe Cleaners
  • A Little Creativity

Extra pipe cleaners or other craft supplies can be made available if the kids wish to further embellish their headbands. If you are using this for a Riddle Me scavenger hunt activity, don’t forget to include these items at clue locations.

What To Look For and Where

Look for large-size chenille, nylon, or polyester craft pipe cleaners at the craft store, dollar store, or variety store. Craft style pipe cleaners are available with color, sparkles, stripes, and more. Look for thicker width pipe cleaners, from 1/4” up to 1 and a 1/4”, and at least 12” in length, for fuller headband results. Kids love colors, so search for multi-packs in a variety of bright and bold colors that match a themed party or allow them to get creative with color combinations.

Shape and Loop

If you are leading the kids, twist a couple of pipe cleaners into flowers, geometrics, animals, or other shapes to give the kids some ideas. With several shaped pipe cleaners in front on you in a variety of colors, loop (or chain) them together to create a headband (or crown).

Twist and Turn

pipecleanersThe beauty of pipe cleaners is in the twist and turn function. Because of the thin layer of wire beneath the fuzz, pipe cleaners can easily be secured together. Be sure to tuck or fold any loose ends of the wire to prevent exposure to the skin.

The finished headband is ready to be gently placed on top of the crafter’s head. This easy craft is a chance for kids to use their imaginations to create a headband in the styles and colors that make a statement. Whether they want to come up with an idea of their own or create a themed headband can be completely up to them. Action figures, fairies, and cartoon characters are just a few examples of what they might want to create. Take a group snapshot at the end of the party, and post it to Facebook for the parents and kids to enjoy. Leftover pipe cleaners can go a long way toward multiple craft ideas. This craft can be incorporated with a Riddle Me activity for even more fun and entertainment! Just stow the pipe cleaners along the hunt trail or at the destination and double the fun as the children find the materials for their activity that will follow.

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How to have a Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt using Riddle Me

Riddle Me makes creating riddle clue hunts easy, but there are loads of things you can do to enhance the hunt. In this article I’ll show you how easy it is to have an awesome Harry Potter scavenger hunt for your next party.

Step 1: Object Inventory

Go into your object inventory and do a tag search for Harry Potter. The object inventory system tells Riddle Me what objects you have in and around your home where the hunts take place. Check the boxes for all the items you have on this filtered list. (You should also have previously selected all the common items so that your inventory has tons of objects for the system to choose when making hunts.) Clicking an item will show you the Harry Potter related riddles on the right which all start with HP. Adding these items to your inventory will facilitate creating the hunt in the next step.

Scavenger hunt object inventory Continue reading

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How to create Harry Potter wands for your next party

Make Harry Potter wands for your next party and have a stupifyingly good time! It’s perfect fun to go along with your Harry Potter scavenger hunt (click to see how easy it is to make one with Riddle Me). Then have participants duel it out in the back yard and see who is king of the incantation!

Make a Harry Potter wand

Step 1: Get materials for Harry Potter wands

Here’s what you’ll need: glue gun, glue sticks, chopsticks, acrylic paint, assorted beads

harry potter wand materials Continue reading

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List of Scavenger Hunt Activities

Here’s a quick list of activities you can do with Riddle Me. (If you’re seeing this line alone, click the title of the post to see the full listing)

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Scavenger Hunt Games for Secret Agents

scavenger hunt for secret agentCalling all 007’s! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to throw an unforgettable spy party using headquarters’ newest secret weapon: Riddle Me. With Riddle Me, you can create scavenger hunt for secret agent games that will keep your favorite little secret agents entertained for hours.

The Riddle Me program enables you to set the mood for your party from the very beginning with customized invitations to recruit all your secret agents. Choose from the fun graphics provided or upload your own. For an extra “official” touch, turn one of the graphics into your spy agency’s special emblem and incorporate it into your scavenger hunt clues and party decorations.Secret Agent Badge

Once your guests arrive at headquarters for your party, present them with your special scavenger hunt assignment. Create a back-story for their mission as inspiration for the hunt. (Perhaps a double agent has been spotted at each clue location and it’s up to your spies to find out why.) Each spy will receive this story as well as his or her first clue in a manila envelope marked “Top Secret.” Since Riddle Me also provides you with the option of writing your own riddles, you can take your story a step further and make it seem like the rogue agent wrote them. (Nothing brings out the inner-Bond like a worthy adversary!)

Setting the Stage for Secret Agents

Don’t forget to set some “booby traps” for your spies along the way to each clue destination. These traps can be in the form of mini obstacle courses. You could use colored masking tape on the floor to mimic laser alarm sensors, which they have to avoid stepping on. Another idea is to create a path of balloons or traffic cones they have to weave around. Make sure to reward their efforts by placing a basket of spy-themed prizes at each clue location like sunglasses or notebook pads. This will allow guests to collect tools for their very own spy kit, which they can take home at the end of the mission.

Hosting a memorable secret agent party for your kids doesn’t have to be mission impossible. So, why not invite Riddle Me along for your next special assignment? When it’s over, serve your punch shaken, not stirred.

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Transfer Riddle Me

If you own the old version of Riddle Me and need to transfer it to a new computer, you can do so by following these steps.

1) If you don’t still have your receipt and unlock code, run Riddle Me on your old computer and click help/about to get your unlock code. Write it down.

2) Install Riddle Me on your new computer. If you didn’t save a copy of the installation program you can get it from

3) Unlock the program on your computer with the unlock code.

That’s it. The old version of Riddle Me has approximately 5,000 riddles on about 400 objects.

The new online version of Riddle me has, at this date, over 10,000 riddles on about 1,200 objects. There are new features and updated clip art for fun clue backgrounds and content is constantly being added to enhance the product for everyone.

If you aren’t sure if you want to upgrade, there is a 60-day money back guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with Riddle Me.

As the owner, I don’t ever want someone to pay me for something they didn’t get value from. My own children ask for Riddle Me hunts at birthdays and holidays because they’re just a lot of fun. Expanding Riddle Me is my way of helping others have fun and build family bonds.

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Keeping it Sweet and Simple with Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt IdeasEaster might be fast approaching, but perhaps the weather in your area has yet to catch up. It could still be cold outside or maybe some unforeseen rain has put a literal damper on the occasion. That doesn’t have to spoil your kids’ Easter fun. Fortunately for them, the Easter Bunny has Riddle Me stashed in his basket of goodies, so bringing the outdoors inside is a cinch! Tons of indoor Easter Egg hunt ideas at your fingertips.

Simply set the Riddle Me program for an indoor scavenger hunt, and then hide some plastic eggs near each clue location. Voila! You have an instant Easter egg hunt. But don’t worry about making the hunt too easy. Riddle Me has a list of over 1,200 objects, so you’re bound to find hiding spots that even you didn’t consider. Make sure to give your clue locations an outdoorsy touch by decorating them with artificial flowers and green cellophane grass. Don’t forget to invite your candy critters! Little marshmallow chicks and chocolate bunnies are always a welcome addition to any Easter party. Continue reading

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Creative Scavenger Hunt Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

st-patricks-day-scavenger-huntBreak out the bagpipes and gather all your lads and lasses for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration! St. Patrick’s Day is the one time of the year when anyone can enjoy the luck of the Irish. However, the fun doesn’t have to end after the parade. Thanks to Riddle Me, you can send your party guests on an adventure through the Emerald Isle with these creative scavenger hunt ideas:

  • Catch the Leprechaun: In this game, kids will be chasing after a mischievous leprechaun, who has been hiding in your home. Create a riddle hunt from “the leprechaun” to guide your guests on their search. Clue locations can be decorated in four-leaf clovers to show that the leprechaun has visited that spot. At the last clue location, give your guests the opportunity to “catch” him with little leprechaun figurines. For a tasty treat at the end of the rainbow, create “pots of gold” filled with chocolate gold coins. Continue reading
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Reveal your Family Vacation with Treasure Hunt Games

Treasure Hunt GamesWith spring vacation just around the corner, you may have already begun working on your travel plans for the family.  A cruise? Walt Disney World? A road trip?  A cross-country flight to visit the grandparents?

Anticipation is one of the best parts of a vacation, and there’s no better way to build the anticipation than with treasure hunt games using Riddle Me. You can reveal the vacation weeks in advance, or you can just tell them to plan on a vacation, and you’ll tell them when you get a little bit closer to the departure date.  Imagine the excitement on your child’s face when they find the last clue and discover plane tickets, or a photo of Mickey Mouse. Continue reading

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