I can't begin to tell you how many parties (ours) and many friends have included scavenger hunts because of this program! I can't believe how much use (and fun) I've received from just one purchase. Really, one of the best on-line, leap of faith purchases I've ever made. I love how it keeps be up-dated and improved as well. Nothing bad to say! Super product!

By: Ruth D.

"The program definitely worked its magic... We had planned everything out, printing all the cards w/ the riddles etc. and the morning of the party it was raining (we planned for the hunt to be outside) so we had to make a last min decision to move the party inside! we had to change all the clues, riddles etc. and thank goodness the program worked for us. We were able to change everything in a moments notice and all worked out great, the kids had a blast!! So thank you so much!! we are planning a Halloween party this year and I plan on using the program again!! :)"

By: Robyn S.

"I absolutely LOVE this program. I use this both for my daycare and also when we have family get togethers. Earlier this summer we had about 30 people (teenagers and adults) over. I split them into groups of 3 and we did a riddle hunt. They had just as much - maybe more - fun than my little daycare kids had doing it!!!!"

By: Sue S.

"Thank you very much for your help late last night. The kids had a blast today searching for their Easter Eggs and following the riddles. You are a life saver, and a MUST have for any celebration!!!!!! Thanks again!"

By: Garin W.

"My family and I REALLY REALLY enjoy this program. It's one of the best purchases EVER!!!!"

By: Charles L.


About Us - Scavenger Hunt Ideas & More

Several years ago my wife and I were creating a clue based treasure hunt for our daughter’s birthday party. We were having fun, but it was a lot of work to come up with a dozen treasure hunt ideas and riddles to chain around the house and make the party fun and memorable for our daughter and her friends. We got to talking about how cool it would be if someone had a software program to do this work for us where we could just punch a few buttons and suddenly have a hunt print out and be ready to use.

The idea stuck and we created the first version of Riddle Me software with 90 objects and 750 riddles, including Christmas, Easter, and Halloween scavenger hunt riddles. With the launch of this new website, we now have over 10 times that many objects and riddles and a host of new features to make the games even more fun and interesting. We expect to keep growing the product for years to come to make it easy for parents to have quick and easy, brain-engaging activities for their children to enjoy. Riddle Me is the only software of its kind and now as a web app, it’s easier to use and more compatible with a wider range of products than ever. We’ve even made it easy for users of our former desktop software to import their old inventory database into this system, and for new users to easily get a jump start using the product.

Our pledge to you is to keep innovating and creating family fun time through the development of new and exciting scavenger hunt ideas. If you ever feel like we’ve come up short on something, or have treasure hunt ideas you’d like to share to make our product even better, we’d love to hear from you. We are so grateful for the many thousands of people who have given our software a try. If you’re new to the product, we literally guarantee you’ll have a blast or we’ll refund your purchase.